Welcome to Camp Stars

We are the online registration website for all camps alike. We offer a full-service camp registration for your camps needs. Camp Stars is here to help you out and we have a way to take all of your registration needs online and place them in a back-end system that does all the labor for you.

We offer the possibility for you as an event coordinator or a camp organizer to focus on your camp and not the registration part of the camp. We are here to take out the hassle of mailing in forms or making sure you get all the information for each camper organized.

Imagine not having to sort out all the paper work involved with a camp. Envision not having the hassle of sorting out all the campers’ data, and have it all in front of you with one click. Picture not having to worry about losing checks or keep a large amount of cash in your possession on registration day. Think about the possibilities that you save on time trying to manage all of the information about the campers and keeping track of everything.

Here at Camp Stars we are here to help you and make your camp run as smooth as possible. We want to put your main focus on the campers not the paper work! Camp Stars stress-free ways of handling registration and camper information is essential for your camp needs.


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